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  The National Parks of southern Tanzania have gradually earned a reputation amongst connoisseurs as the best-kept secret on the African safari circuit, offering remote, untouched swathes of game-filled wilderness with an exclusivity borne of isolated access.

Remote location, limited bedspace and boundless bush will ensure that even as  awareness grows of the bounteous wildlife roaming these lands, the safari experience of Tanzania's southern safarilands will remain of the true and unadulterated variety.


Selous Game Reserve: The largest in Africa, Selous Game Reserve represents the African wilderness at its most untouched. Navigating the network of lakes and rivers in a boat offer a hippo's-eye view of the big game safarilands, whilst the privileged perspective afforded from encountering the wildlife on foot relives the experiences of the explorers, settlers and big game hunters of safari's golden age.

Ruaha National Park: Tanzania's second largest National Park is still relatively unknown, making it ideal for those seeking the trails less-travelled and the wildlife less-visited. The miombo woodland and characteristic sand rivers of Ruaha supports a unique range of wildlife, borne of the Park's location at the cusp of the eastern and southern species.


Mikumi National Park: Mikumi is the link in the ecological chain that stretches between the Selous to the south and the Eastern Arc hills to the north. Convenient access to Dar es Salaam, with legions of game amidst the flood plains and deciduous forest that make up much of the habitat, make this Park more seductive than the visitor numbers suggest.


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