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  In addition to the definitive triumvirate of Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi, there are numerous other Tanzanian lakes, freshwater and alkali, that bejewel the country of Tanzania. From gin-clear water that hosts more endemic fish than any other body in the world, to the thick viscous liquid whose algae support one of the World's important ornithological nesting grounds, the Tanzanian waters are as life-giving as its land.

Lake Victoria: This vast inland sea sits at the very heart of the continent, its 'discovery' finally solving the age-old riddle of the Source Of The Nile, whose waters rise from its Northern shores. There are numerous small islands around the coast which offer great opportunities for fishing as well as the wildlife enclave of Rubondo Island National Park.

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Lake Tanganyika: At the junction of the great trading routes, Lake Tanganyika and its people have witnessed the arrival and departure of trading caravans that carried ivory and slaves to the Coast. Along these trading routes came the explorers, including Livingstone who was to meet Stanley on Tanganyika, and eventually to die there.

Rift Valley Lakes: The alkali lakes that stud the Rift Valley are home to some of the most impressive flamingo populations in the world, their pink swathes layered above the soda-tinged water in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth.


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