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  Amidst this abundance of Natural Africa, there lives a vibrant population of Tanzanians, people drawn from over 120 distinct ethnic groups, each the proud custodian of a culture that traces it's history to North, South and West Africa, the Asian sub-continent and the Arabian peninsula. Tanzania's ethnic diversity provides an insight into the history of a continent at a time before history was written down, a community perspective on the soul of a country. 

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Many of Tanzania's ethnic groups are now welcoming visitors into their communities, introducing them to the traditions and understandings of their people and their perceptions of the country around them. Guests are now trekking with Masai warriors amongst the wildlife and volcanoes of the Ngorongoro Highlands, hunting with bows and arrows alongside the Hadzabe Bushmen of the Rift Valley or learning traditional medicine on remote hillsides with the doctors of the WaMeru tribe. 

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Along the Eastern Arc Mountains, community projects have formed to show guests around the farms, schools and homesteads of the numerous groups that live there, and elsewhere, opportunities to encounter fishing cultures, nomadic peoples, hunter-gatherer clans and wood-carving workshops ensure that those interested will always be gifted with that most privileged of insights into a country, through the eyes of its people.


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